Tactical Communication & Information System
Designed for use in any military armored vehicular platform for any mission.

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Tactical Hybrid Generators

Deployable Infrastructure & Mobile Power Applications

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Missile Telemetries

INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE) designs, develops and manufactures high bit data rate missile telemetry systems, which are used for data transmission from the missile to the data collection ground station via a radio link or for recording of data during captive carry flights.

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Maritime Interdiction Operation Suite

Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) Suite leverages actionable intelligence, for enhancing the operational capabilities of ...

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Unmanned Systems

Monitoring and looking into latest developments of emerging and evolving security threats as ...

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Security Solutions

Command & Control Integrated Platform.
Detect - Evaluate – React

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Greece’s leading electronics, communications and hybrid energy systems provider in the defense and security areas.

Focusing primarily on the armament programs of Greek and foreign defense ministries and NATO

Achieved course and experience in Greece and abroad since 1992

Participates in a series of international defense and security systems development and production programs

What We Do

IDE’s products in tactical-wideband communications are used to cover the needs of Defense and Security Sector and are already operating in various land and naval platforms in short, medium, long range fixed or mobile applications.
military energy storage system
Cutting-edge technology in the field of hybrid electric power & electric energy storage, IDE enters the era of environmentally safer energy, with a series of Electric Power Conversion , Storage & Management.
IDE can provide innovative integration and customization of leading products into end-to-end, turn-key Homeland Security projects worldwide (Critical Infrastructure, Oil Rig Installations and Border Surveillance).
IDE’s innovation in Data Links and Telemetries is based in field-proven knowledge and expertise in designing and implementing state-of-the-art waveforms and protocols as well as in the extended embedded software capability.

Technology equals Superiority


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